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Evolution of Sieve Testing: Ancient Egyptian Ways to Modern Methods

The Importance of Food Texture Analysis: Enhancing Sensory Experience

Understanding Surface and Interfacial Tension in Liquids

Why do You Need a Sieve Shaker?

Coulometric/ Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration -- Which Should I Use?

What is The Function of a Sieve Shaker?

Mixing It Up Inside A Karl Fischer

What is the Difference Between Dynamic and Kinematic Viscosity?

The Main Issues with Measuring Density

A Portable Contact Angle Meter that Provides Convenience and Accuracy

Karl Fischer vs. Loss-On Drying - Which Method is the Best?

Texture Analysis: Key to a Perfect Bite

Sieving - An Ancient Technique Still Widely Used

Re-Certify Mid-Point Sieves? When and How?

Guide to Surface Tension, Surfactants and Micelles

Is My Test Equipment Lying?

Sieves – Old and New Issues

Who Beats Up Your Bostwick?

When Do I Need a Consistometer vs. a Viscometer?

Why Not A Bostwick Consistometer Calibration Standard?

Is Consistency Viscosity? Not really!

Bostwick Consistometer – Incline or Not

How Wide Is The Moisture Measurement World?

Moisture Content and Water Activity - What Are They?

Loss-On-Drying Moisture Analysis and Other Moisture Mysteries Part IV: Water Activity

Can You Define Viscosity Without Feeling Thick?

Why Test for Viscosity in Food

How I Learned That Black Liquor Was Not Dark Rum

Water Activity Measurement and the Illusion of Quick and Accurate

Moisture Test Results Don't Always Measure Moisture

Liquid Surface Tension and Interfacial Tension Between Liquids

Shear Rate - What is it? - Should You Care?

Surface Tension - Rings, Bubbles, Drops, and Plates

Walk On Water??? Really??? Surface Tension Says Yes!!!

Sieve Calibration Is the Holy Grail!

Can We Fix The Problems Of Sieve Certification?

Does Calibration Light The Way To The Sieving Holy Grail

Will Certification Lead To The  Holy Grail Of Sieving?

Is There a  Holy Grail of Sieve Analysis?

The Simple Truth About Karl Fischer Moisture

Loss-on Drying and Other Moisture Mysteries - Part V: Drying

Loss-On-Drying Moisture Analysis and Other Moisture Mysteries Part III: Free and Bound Water

Loss On Drying Moisture Analysis and Other Moisture Mysteries II Vapor Pressure

Loss-On-Drying Moisture Analysis and Other Moisture Mysteries Part 1

Do You Use Epoxies, Adhesives, Resins or Coatings?

How Do I Set Up A Bostwick Consistometer?

How Can I Measure Viscosity?

When is a Sieve Not a Sieve?

What is Moisture Content?

“How Many Ways to Measure Moisture?”

Instrument Accuracy?  Is it only an illusion?

Contact Angle Fundamentals: What You Actually Need to Know

Particle Size Analysis— Why?  [Garden Stones to Micron Dust]

New Methods of Controlling Sample Temperatures [Water Baths to Peltier Plates]

What are Viscosity Flow Curves?

How Density Testing Got Easy

Surface Tension by duNouy Rings or Wilhelmy Plates – Which to Choose?

Do You Know If Your Test Sieves Are Doing the Job?

Four Reasons Why Food Manufacturers Should Monitor Moisture

Sensational Food Texture - What is It? - How to Analyze it?

Density - Who Cares? Maybe You Should.

What are Liquid Properties? Why Should Anyone Care?

How Much Do Rotational Viscometers Cost - And Why?

How to Get Consistent and Accurate Test Results with a Rotational Viscometer

What Does A Moisture Balance Cost?

Do You Need An Automatic Tensiometer?

A Sieve Shaker's Passing From Noise To Quiet

A Spotlight on Rotational Viscometers

Should You Move to "Actual" Surface Tension?

Initiation to Contact Angle

Contact Angle and Surface Tension - A Fascinating Liaison

Don’t Worry - Karl Fischer is Easy

Is Test Sieve Certification All You Need?

LOD is Really Simple, or Moisture Analysis for the Newbie

Is In-Line Moisture Measurement For You?

What's So Special About Picking A Sieve Shaker?

Viscosity, Consistency and Surface Tension - What Are These Things?

Dance Bars, Music Technology, and...Surface Tension?

How To Fix An Abused Bostwick Consistometer

How Are Consistency, Surface Tension and Viscosity Different?

Viscosity Basics: For Non Scientists

How Do You Analyze Small, Micron-Sized Particles?

When Do I Need An Automatic Digital Tensiometer?

The Curse of Particle Size Calculations

Jim, the Secret Agent, and the Machine That Changed Everything

What Can I Use To Get The Moisture Content In My Product?

What are the Primary Conditions Affecting Surface Tension?

Surface Tension Measurement -- How High Is High Enough?

Moisture Content Analyzer News

Do I Need A Karl Fischer Oven?

Is Calibrating a CSC Tensiometer Hard?

Moisture Content - Water Activity – Are They the Same Thing?

Which Type of Tensiometer do I Need?

Why Do I Get Inconsistent Moisture Test Results?

Why Calibrate a CSC DuNouy Tensiometer?

Karl Fischer Moisture – Answers to Questions We Get Asked

Surface Tension – Tensiometer Update

Who's Concerned About Sieve Shakers?

How Does Surface Tension Relate to Viscosity?

Having Trouble Performing a duNouy Ring Test in Thick Samples?

Is Particle-Size Analysis Boring? Trivial? Amazing? Exciting? Vital?

Certify Sieves or Calibrate Sieves --- Should You Do It?

Static Electricity and Sieves: No Problem -- Maybe

New ASTM E11-09 Sieve Standards — Exciting or Just Dull ???

Who Cares About Sieve Testing ?

Karl Fischer Titration – Defined? or Over Simplified?

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