Electroformed Sieves

There are some inherent problems in maintaining consistent opening sizes throughout a Woven Wire vs ElectroFormed side by sidewoven wire mesh sieve. These problems are most apparent when tight tolerances are required in the smaller sizes. Electroformed Sieves are one solution to this problem.

The process of electroforming the sieve mesh results in very tight tolerances of the openings. It is possible to build sieves using this process that can hold a +/- 2 micron tolerance.

Electroformed sieve mesh is normally produced using a nickle support base. Other electroformed sieve mesh materials such as copper and gold are also available.

Because of the high comparative cost of electroformedelectroformed sieve mesh sieves, they are most often used only where very tight tolerances are required. If the sieves are calibrated with glass spheres, they can be used as reference sieves or as a master calibrating sieve stack.

Opening sizes can range from 5 microns to 2,000 microns, and can be made for a 1 micron increment.

Electroformed sieves are available in standard inch and metric round frames. The openings can be of various shapes - standard shapes include round, square, slotted or hexagonal.

The sieves are certified and come with a histogram.

Sieve Small Particles: Sonic Sifter SievesSonic_Sifter_300.jpg

Pair electroformed sieves with the Sonic Sifter to get separations of small particles down to 5 microns.Special plastic sieve frames are available for the Sonic Sifter, used to separate small and difficult-to-separate particles.


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