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Is Calibrating a CSC Tensiometer Hard?

Posted by Art Gatenby on Mar 29, 2012 3:55:00 PM

We get repeated queries about calibration of our DuNouy Ring Tensiometers. That makes me think that calibrating procedures to insure accurate surface tension measurment needs some clarification.

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Topics: duNouy Rings, Tensiometer, Surface Tension, Calibration

Moisture Content - Water Activity – Are They the Same Thing?

Posted by Art Gatenby on Mar 6, 2012 4:19:00 PM

The other day, I woke up with a lingering quandary: Are the concepts of

Moisture Content and Water Activity the same thing?

As usual, I’ve decided to take on the task of clarifying the difference.  I hope I pull it off.

From the perspective of someone who supplies instruments that measure moisture content, water activity has not been a primary consideration.  However, I believe that comparison and contrast of these important concepts will be useful.

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Topics: Moisture Sorption Isotherm, Infrared Moisture, Moisture Analysis, Water Activity, Moisture Testing, bound water

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