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Why Test for Viscosity in Food

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Art Gatenby on Sep 30, 2021 4:35:00 PM

When people hear of viscosity for the first time, invariably they ask these three questions:

1. What is Viscosity?

2. Why Test for Viscosity?

3. How Do You Test for Viscosity?

The answer to the first question is in the article "Viscosity Basics: For Non Scientists"

Answers to the second and third questions can be complex because each type of material, product or process can have a different answers.  To help drive through this labyrinth, we developed a series called “Application and Operation of CSC Instruments”

The short video that follows is an episode in this series. it is titled Viscosity Testing in Food Production.


We hope you found “Viscosity in Food Production” useful and entertaining. Please share it with colleagues who will find it useful.

Check out “Viscosity Basics: For Non Scientists” here.

Lamy Rheology Instruments Viscometers

I unceasingly find new facets of this materials testing field that confound me.


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