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Having Trouble Performing a duNouy Ring Test in Thick Samples?

Posted by Art Gatenby on Nov 15, 2010 3:29:00 PM

My musings were interrupted this week with a pressing challenge. It was stated like this:

 “My duNouy ring kept falling off the arm hook when attempting to immerse it into a high-viscosity sample.”

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Topics: duNouy Rings, Surface Tension Measurement, Surface Tension, Interfacial Tensiometer, tensiometers, Liquid Properties

Is Particle-Size Analysis Boring? Trivial? Amazing? Exciting? Vital?

Posted by Art Gatenby on Nov 2, 2010 3:57:00 PM

When I tell people at cocktail parties that we specialize in Particle-Size Analysis. I usually get a polite response of ------ “OH !!,”   which translates to “So who cares?”

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Topics: Sonic Sifter, Particle Size Analysis, Sieves, Sieving Process

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