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Surface Tension – Tensiometer Update

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Art Gatenby on Apr 29, 2011 2:11:00 PM

This ramble is about changes in the Surface Tension Equipment landscape.

For decades it seems -- I guess it has been decades -- CSC Scientific (with the Precision and Interfacial Models) and Fisher Scientific (with the Tensiomat©) have Tensiomatshared success in supplying the need for liquid surface tension tensiometers throughout the World.

Fisher has periodically evaluated discontinuing Tensiomat© manufacture. This year, the company decided to cease production. The CSC Scientific  models are recommended as replacements. Fisher Scientific can provide either of the CSC Scientific Tensiometers.

CSC has two Tensiometer models:CSC Precision Tensiometer

  • Precision Tensiometer - Readings are obtained from an upward pull through the sample.
  • Interfacial Tensiometer – Readings can be obtained from an upward pull or a downward push

The CSC Interfacial Tensiometer is needed when interfacial tension is calculated between a less-dense fluid and a heaver one located below the interface. The ring is rigidly attached to the measuring arm to obtain a downward measurement. The Interfacial Tensiometer is also recommended when the tested material is a thick liquid. This more easily facilitates setting up the ring below the liquid surface.

One importantduNouy Rings consideration in the tensiometer transition is the availability of duNouy Rings to replace damaged ones. Several Tensiomat© customers have successfully used CSC-manufactured rings. We believe that this will be the experience in most instances.

In order to further help with the transition, we will repair Tensiomat© brand Tensiometers and will do so as long as parts are available.

New replacement rings (part number: 70537000) can be ordered directly from our on-line store or by telephone at 800-621-4778. Of course, we can help you with a new unit. Also, we offer background and application information on our Tensiometer Models.

If you are a a user of CSC Tensiometers or are otherwise not affected by this discontinuation but have a colleague with a Tensiomat©, perhaps you can forward this article, thus providing them with a source for answers to questions about repairs and replacements.

We hope this has been helpful to you or to one of your colleagues.Art's Question

A still somewhat dazed,


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