The MKC-710 is a 7th generation coulometric Karl Fischer titration system.  Years of improvements to benchtop design and software capabilities makes the 710 series a favorite choice for moisture testing.

A unique technology to the 710 series enables maximum electrolysis speeds of 2.6mgH2O/min, reducing pre-titration time and measurement time.

Product Specifications:

  • Measuring Method: Karl Fischer Coulometric Titration
  • Measuring Range: Water Content/Bromine index: 10ug to 300mg (depends on reagent)
  • Measuring cell: 2 component or 1 component
  • Precision: Relative standard deviation : less than 0.3% (n=10)
  • Display Resolution: 0.1ug
  • Endpoint Detection: Alternate current polarization method with a twin platinum electrode
  • Methods: 120 / 20:  M&S model / B model
  • Key Operation: Touch Panel / Sheet key:  M&S model / B model
  • Calculation: Concentration of water content, statistics data processing (mean, D & D) and auto average of blank value
  • Data Storage: 500 samples / 100 samples:  M&S model / B model

The 710 series is available in three model levels including the following:

  • MKC-710SM.pngMKC-710M (flagship model)
    • The 710M series model has added capability in the 8.4 inch color controller (can be wireless) including LAN connectivity and the ability to connect and control 4 titrators simultaneously (any combination of automatic "potentiometric" or Karl Fischer titrator).
  • MKC-710SM.pngMKC-710S (midrange model)
    • The 710S series model includes the 8.4 inch color controller.  The controller can operate wirelessly as well as wired.  This is ideal when working with hazardous samples inside a fume hood.
  • MKC-710B.pngMKC-710B (base model)
    • The 710 series model is the base model and is operated by the control sheet key on the main unit.  A highly functioning instrument includes a USB port for easily exporting data in pre-formatted formats including .csv and .PDF cover report sheets. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of reagents should I use?

Good question! Depending on how you setup your Karl Fischer Titrator, either as a single or a dual reagent setup, you will have some choices.

  • Anolytes:
    • Coulomat A
    • Coulomat AG
    • Coulomat AG-H
    • Coulomat AG Oven
    • Coulomat AK
  • Catholytes
    • Coulomat CG
    • Coulomat CGK

Should I consider getting water standards?

Yes! Water standards provide a way for the operator to perform self checks from time to time. It is very helpful to know that your getting the results you think you should be getting. We recommend these:

  • Water Standard 1.0 (1,000PPM +- 30 PPM)
  • Water Standard 0.1 (100PPM +- 10 PPM)

Should I use a 1-component or a 2-component setup?

With 2-component you have more options for reagent configurations. Sometimes you need that flexibility, and/or your application just won't work without having the second component known as catholyte.

If a 1-component setup works for you though, and you don't have other samples to worry about, then this might be a good choice, as you will be able to eliminate using a second reagent. That can save you money.

We do recommend using a single reagent setup when using an evaporator because only H20 is being delivered into the titration vessel.

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