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Surface Tension - Rings, Bubbles, Drops, and Plates

Posted by Art Gatenby on Oct 19, 2020 4:12:12 PM

The definition of Liquid Surface Tension is simple.  

It's the force that keeps a liquid from flying off into space.

However, the measurement of surface tension can take many forms, which can be confusing. In an attempt to get some clarity, we have articulated two principle measurement concepts in this article: drop-based measurement and force-based measurement.

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Topics: Automatic Digital Tensiometer, Automatic Surface Tension Measurment, Surface Tension Measurement, Surface Tension, Interfacial Tensiometer, interfacial tension, tensiometers, du Nouy tensiometer, surface tension instruments, surface tension analysis

Walk On Water??? Really??? Surface Tension Says Yes!!!

Posted by Art Gatenby on Oct 14, 2020 4:04:16 PM

Yes, you can walk on water: with Surface Tension.

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Topics: Surface Tension Measurement, tensiometers, surface tension instruments, surface tension analysis, walk on water

Sieve Calibration Is the Holy Grail!

Posted by Art Gatenby on Oct 13, 2020 5:30:00 PM

Yes Harry, there is a Santa Claus. Or, more specifically, there really is a Holy Grail for ensuring consistent particle size analysis. 

If you’ve been following along, you know it was proven by Pequeño and his family of 150 micron particles who tried to bust our friend Harry’s quality control by attempting to slip through the mesh in Harry’s test sieves and defeat sieve certification.

If you missed this drama, check out previous posts in the Holy Grail series here:

Is there a Holy Grail of Sieve Analysis?

Will Certification Lead to the Holy Grail of Sieving?

Does Calibration Light the Way to the Sieving Holy Grail?

Sieve Calibration is the Holy Grail!

And finally check out our eBook here: Free eBook

Now that we have indeed confirmed that, yes, sieve calibration really is the Holy Grail that sieve testers have been looking for, let’s get to work and dive a little deeper. Let’s examine some methods of sieve calibration.

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Topics: Pequeño, Calibration, Particle Size Analysis, Sieve Calibration, Sieve Certification, Sieve Testing, Sieves, Sieving Process, du Nouy tensiometer, sieve mesh, particle sieze testing, sieve stack, Sieve Quality

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