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Guide to Surface Tension, Surfactants and Micelles

Posted by Art Gatenby on Oct 10, 2022 5:24:05 PM

Welcome to my beginner's guide to Surface Tension, Surfactants, and Micelles. In this blog, we'll be exploring the basics of these topics in order to better understand their role in industry and everyday life. Surface tension is a crucial property of a liquid that allows it to resist being pulled apart by gravity, and surfactants are molecules that can lower the surface tension of water. Micelles are spherical structures that are formed when surfactants reach a certain concentration in water, and they play an important role in many cleaning and industrial processes. We'll be discussing all of this and more in this blog, so let's get started!

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Topics: Tensiometer, Surface Tension, CMC, Micelles, surfactants

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