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Will Certification Lead To The  Holy Grail Of Sieving?

Posted by Art Gatenby on Aug 14, 2020 3:00:00 PM

Adventures of Pequeño

This is another Adventure of Pequeño: The 150 Micron Particle, I wonder why I get myself into these fantasies. However, once I start I feel constrained to press on.

In an earlier encounter, our little friend Pequeño, was on a determined quest to make it through sieves -- particularly those through which were said be too small for him to pass. In this scenario, Pequeño along with some of his family and friends -- all small particles about 150 microns in size -- are on their way to a sieve test.

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Topics: Sieve Shakers, Sieve Blinding, ASTM, Pequeño, Calibration, Particle Size Analysis, Sieve Calibration, Sieve Certification, Sieve Testing, Sieves, sieve shaker, sieve stack, certfication

Static Electricity and Sieves: No Problem -- Maybe

Posted by Art Gatenby on Apr 21, 2010 2:02:00 PM

I'll bet that most of you have experienced the shock of walking on a thick wool rug on a dry winter's day and getting zapped out of your reverie when reaching for the metal door knob.

The same process of static electricity generation can play havoc with your sieving process.

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Topics: Sieve Blinding, Agglomeration, Sieve Testing, Sieves

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