What Problems Does the Titan 450 Sieve Shaker Solve? 

The new Titan 450 is Endecotts' most powerful sieve shaker! It is built for large sieve diameters and can take up to 7 x 450 mm test sieves!

In addition to performing with large samples, the Big Bad Titan 450 solves the following problems:

  • Electromagnetic drive for quiet and virtually maintenance free operation
  • Easily set to maximum efficiency
  • Digital controls for easy and reliable operation via external interface
  • Economical
  • No mechanical moving parts
  • Suitable for wet or dry sieving

This Big Bad Shaker, the Titan 450, is built to take on mammoth sieving jobs with sieves up to 18" (450mm) in diameter and samples of up to 20kg. The Titan 450 can hold 7 full-height or 10 half-height sieves.

An electromagnetic movement provides a true 3D motion (horizontal twist and vertical motion combinations) even with large samples and 18" sieves. It is also quiet.

The Titan 450 is digitally controlled. The amplitude of the vertical motion can be adjusted in 10 steps from 0 to 2 mm. It works well, even with large 20kg samples.


Detailed Specifications

Particle Size Range: 20 micron to 125 mm
Sieve Sizes: 12” & 18” diameter; 250/300/315/350/400/450 mm diameter
Sieve Capacity: seven (7) full height; ten (10) half height 18” (450 mm) sieves
Batch Capacity: Approx. 44 lb (20 kg)
Amplitude: Digitally Adjustable – 0-2 mm; 10 steps
Timer: Digital 0:10 to 99:50 minutes (external unit)
Wet Sieving: Yes
Speed: 3,000 min-1 at 50 Hz
Drive/Sieving Motion: Electromagnetic 3D – vertical and horizontal twist motion
Digital Control:  Is provided in a remote unit that controls and displays test time, amplitude and intermittent intervals.
Weight: 308 lb (140 kg)

When Do You Select The Titan 450 Sieve Shaker?

The Titan 450 Big Bad Sieve Shaker would be the instrument to choose when you have large sample weights and when you need the large sieve area of 18” (400 mm) diameter sieves. With this massive capacity you also get effective screening down to the 125 micron size. If you need the 20kg feature, you also have a precise control of amplitude and intervals. In summary, choose the Titan 450 when you need the heavy weight performance and desire precise control over the shaking process.

D450 Sieve Shaker for large samples
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