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Viscosity Basics: For Non Scientists

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Amanda Ranowsky on Feb 4, 2014 9:00:00 AM


Not Much of a Science Person Learns About Viscosity

Since I joined CSC Scientific in July 2013, I’ve been on a steep learning curve. You see, I’vedon't let science make you feel sick never been much of a science person. There was even one particular chemistry class in high school used to give me migraine headaches - routinely. 

Having no real background in the sciences means that I’ve had a lot to learn since I joined a company that sells scientific testing equipment. Maybe you’re nodding in sympathy with me right now. Many of our clients – that is, the people doing the purchasing on behalf of their company – are not scientists and don’t have a thorough knowledge of the scientific principles behind the products they’re told to buy.


The good news is that you don’t have to be a scientific expert to make an informed decision about our products. A basic understanding of the scientific principles behind an instrument can lead you to ask the right questions to help you choose the instrument that will fit your testing needs. To that end, I’ve started to create a video series called “The Basics”.

 This series is comprised of short videos that explain the basic concepts around such subjects as viscosity, Karl Fischer titration, and surface tension. I hope they’ll be both fun and informative, and would love to hear your feedback and requests for future episodes.

 I’m starting the series with the topic I’ve focused on most since my arrival at CSC Scientific: Viscosity.

Viscosity is a notoriously tricky subject, but one that I hope will be made a little clearer by this entertaining little video: 



Hope you enjoyed the video! Leave a comment below and let me know what would make it better, or what topic you'd like me to address next.

Till next time,


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P.P.S.  Get more about Viscosity Measurement

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