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Sieving - An Ancient Technique Still Widely Used

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Art Gatenby on Mar 9, 2023 5:05:50 PM

We recently redesigned our E-commerce site. The redesign proceeded without a hitch, until we got to the sieves. 

As you may know, sieving began in Ancient Egypt to grade grain harvests.

Sieving as a method of analyzing particle size has survived for centuries. This old technique has held its own against new developments in Laser Diffraction, Computer Imaging and other advanced technologies. 

It is simple and inexpensive to do. Sieving is often thought of as the Cinderella of particle size analysis.

Throughout its history, sieving has been deployed in many fields. (By the way, it is still used for grading grain.) For example, concrete formulations depend on sieving, and quality control in powder production often depends on  sieving. Other uses of this technique are too numerous to mention.

As sieving was introduced to industry after industry, volumes of diverse specifications emerged. Specifications naming frame construction and mesh sizes began to proliferate. These prerequisites not only set parameters for sieve types but also provided historical benchmarks for delineation of quality standards. Consequently, these benchmarks are difficult if not impossible to change.

The result is detailed specifications for over 5,000 unique sieves. We offer stainless steel and brass frames, about 10 different test sieve diameters ranging from 35mm to 18 inches, and beyond. The measuring media contains several types of woven wire, electroformed openings and perforated plate. There are over 50 opening or aperture sizes. In addition, there of are a number of sieve frame depths.

Check out this visualization of test sieve mesh sizes and get an idea of the range of openings.

At CSC, we strive to provide a wide scope of equipment for mechanical particle side analysis. Consequently, rather than focus on an industry or two, we chose to provide a wide chunk of the 5,000 variations of unique sieve items.

To make our E-commerce pages intelligible,  we’ve had to take on the herculean task of organizing these variations into an graspable matrix.

Walking, or perhaps a better word is stumbling through the murk and mind boggling analysis of sieve varieties. We tried to present an intelligible arrangement  in our Web based Sieve Store.

We hope that it is also intuitive.  If you should visit the CSC Sieve Store we would welcome your comments.

As you have heard me comment before, even simple  testing concepts such as sieving  find  complexities that befuddle me.  I thought it wayward of me not to share this one with you.

If you find this interesting please circulate it among colleagues who have responsibility for sieving.



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