Check These Shakers When Your Sieving Needs Tough Action, Heavy Samples, or Large Sieves 

One of These Three Sieve Shakers Will Fit Your Heavy Duty Sieving Requirements  

Sieve Shakers are often thought of as no-brainer components of the sieving process. When matching standards such as ASTM or when dealing with sieving needs that require heavy samples or large diameter sieves, the attributes and capabilities of a shaker are of paramount importance. 

On this page, in one place, you have a group of three premier sieve shakers designed and built for standards matching large sieve sizes and higher sample weight. Their common attributes are ease of use, repeatable results and proven performance in the field.

The three (3) Sieve Shakers that cover the full range of Heavy Duty Applications are:

  • Duratap - Matches long established standards
  • EFL 300 - Used throughout the world for tough shaker needs up to 12" (300mm)
  • Titan 450 - Brand new model, replacing the D 450 Sieve Shaker

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DuraTap Sieve Shaker

The DuraTap™ Meets Long Time Standards for Rotational Tapping Shakers.

The DuraTap™ Takes a Lot of Abuse. Nearly Maintenance Free. 

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EFL 300 Shaker for Tough, Medium-Sized Jobs

If You Need a Robust, Lightweight Instrument, the EFL 300 is for You.

An EFL 300 Will Sieve Particle Sizes from 20 micron to 40 mm in Up to 6 kg Samples.

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Titan 450 Sieve Shaker

The Big Bad Titan 450 Shaker.

A Shaker for Big Samples Up to 20KG, 18 inch (450mm) Sieves and Particle Sizes 20 microns to 125 mm, Driven by a Quiet Electromagnetic Mechanism with Adjustable Amplitude and Interval.

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