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Art Gatenby on Mar 5, 2013 3:47:00 PM

I am very excited about a new update to the CSC Digital Moisture Balance.  To give you a perspective of why I’m excited about this Moisture Content Analyzer update, I thought you my be interested in the story of the transition from a classic mechanical moisture analyzer to the current highly robust and durable electronic instrument of today. 

Over almost five decades, the Company’s classic CENCO Moisture BalanceCENCO Moisture Balance enjoyed a reputation of being indestructible.  However, the CENCO is limited by its mechanical architecture.  In the late 1980’s loss-on-drying moisture analysis designs, based on emerging electronics, permitted features such as automatic shut off, digital readouts and direct printing of results. These were not possible on the CENCO. 

In those early days, electronic loss-on-drying moisture analyzers were known for being skittish and really only viable for use in laboratory environments. We saw the need for a rugged electronic instrument to measure moisture content in the plant. 

In 1990 CSC Scientific introduced the Digital Moisture Balance to fill this need for a durable electronic loss-on-drying moisture content analyzer that could withstand the rigors of a production floor environment.

Armed with customers experience over the next five years, we developed several up-grades leading to the selection of a special type of balance for the engine of the Digital Moisture Balance. This new engine proved to significantly improve its toughness.As electronic component developments improved reliability, reduced size and added capability, we incorporated these into the Digital. These developments made it possible to add features and capabilities requested by our customers.

About the only thing we have not changed is the shape and brown color, which some admirers have termed “ugly”. 

Near the end of 2011, we discovered a new balance.  This unique balance of analytical quality that is hard to break.  The balance, when exhibited at trade shows, created a sensational buzz.  The demonstrations included the crashing of a heavy weight onto the balance pan. After a brief pause a small sample was place on the balance pan and the result was right at tolerance ( +/-.001 grams for the model we selected). 

It reminds me of the heavy weight boxer who gets knock to the canvas then jumps up to KO his opponent. 

Of course our interest was high.  We jumped to our design boards and incorporated this heavyweight into The Digital Moisture Balance.  This new (still brown and ugly)Still Brown Digital moisture content analyzer has been shipping since January 2013.  

We have a video of the crunching demonstration.  Click the button to take a look. 

See Abuse Video

Hope this little vignette has been interesting. 

As usual I’m amazed and usually baffled by this moisture measuring business. 


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P.P.S.  If you want to see the (Ugly Brown) Digital Moisture Balance simply click this Button.

The CSC Digital Moisture Balance


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