Bostwick Consistometer

The Bostwick Consistometer is the preferred choice for measuring consistency and flow rate in a variety of products. You can use the "Bostwick" on any viscous material such as sauces, salad dressings, paints, chemicals, or cosmetics. The normal way to use the Consistometer is to measure the distance a sample flows in a given time interval.




The "Bostwick" is a trough with 0.5 cm gradations along the bottom. The trough is separated near one end by a spring-loaded gate. This forms a chamber where the sample is loaded.

To perform a test, first a sample is loaded, then the gate is opened and a timer is started. At a predetermined time the position of the sample in the trough is recorded.

The question is frequently asked about recommended standards for products. Each of our customers sets their own standards and operating procedures based on the individual characteristics of their products.

The "Bostwick" also complies with the procedures established in Mill Spec R-81294D and ASTM F1080-93.

The Bostwick Consistometer is built for ease of operation and heavy duty use. The unit is made from stainless steel which resists corrosion. To clean it after a test, simply wash it out with water.

The spring-loaded gate makes the start of a test instantaneous and precise.

The leveling screws and spirit level insure proper set-up.

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