Check These Shakers When You Need to Accurately Test Small Particle Sizes 

One of These Three Sieve Shakers Will Fit Your Small Particle Size Sieving Requirements  

For dry materials from 20μm (microns) to 1.00mm, the Air Jet Sizer 200Sonic Sifter and CSC Reynolds Vacuum Siever can handle electrostatic materials and analyze sample quantities between 1 and 200 grams. These shakers use positive and negative air pressure to get small particle sizes through the sieves.

The three (3) Sieve Shakers that cover the full range of Small Particle Size Applications are:

  • Air Jet Sizer 200 - repeatable results for separations as small as 20μm.
  • Sonic Sifter - performs particle separation as small as 3μm. 
  • CSC Reynolds Vacuum Siever - offered as a cost-effective alternative to meet basic needs of sieving or particle separation.

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Do you have to separate particles below 100 Micron in size and have agglomeration or blinding problems?One of these shakers may provide a solution. Call us at 800-621-4778.

Octagon 200 Sieve Shaker

Air Jet Sizer 200

Repeatable Dispersions for Particles as Small as 20μm.

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Meinzer II Sieve Shaker

Sonic Sifter

A Solution to Mechanical (Sieving) Particle Size Analysis of Micron-Sized Particles

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CSC Economy Vacuum Siever

CSC Reynolds Vacuum Siever

A Budget Vacuum Siever for Separating Particles Down to 20μm in Size

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Small Particle Size Sieve Shakers Pricing and Ordering Online

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For Analysis of Particles Smaller than 3 Microns:

Look At Laser Diffraction

Some of the companies that do this analysis are::

  • Malvern Instruments
  • Microtrac
  • Sympatec
  • Beckman Coulter, Inc. and
  • Horiba

This is a sampling of companies that do particle analysis in the sub-micron size range.


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