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Since 1889 CSC Scientific has provided equipment to solve measurement problems. We provide solutions to Moisture Measurement problems, Particle Size Determination difficulties, and the complexity of Liquid Property Evaluation. 

We specialize in Moisture Measurement and evaluation techniques that include Loss-on-Drying, and  Karl Fischer for Moisture Determination. 

Testing sieving using Test Sieves, Shakers and calibration methods is our focus in Particle Size Analysis.

We relate testing problems of Liquid Analysis to appropriate equipment for measuring Consistency, Surface Tension, or Viscosity.

We do not target measurement problems outside these areas. Rather we strive to deliver a range of solutions in our fields of specialization so we are in a position to deliver precise and effective solutions.

At this site you will find details of the full range of test instruments by selecting the Moisture, Particle Size, or Liquid Properties highlighted below.

You can also find out about our staff, our history, visit our library of specialized articles and videos, browse our online store, search this web site, get product manuals and contact us.

We hope we can serve you.

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