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What is Moisture Content?

In the world of material testing, moisture content is different things to different people. However, there is a common concern. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers each are concerned with how moisture content affects what they are making, shipping, storing or selling... read more.




What Can I Use to Get the Moisture Content in My Product?

A question we get a lot is:

“How do I determine the moisture in my product?

Of course, the answer is often “it depends”, and the method does depend on the chemical and physical composition of the product. There are several methods used to determine moisture content: Loss-on-Drying (also known as Weight Loss), Karl Fischer, NIR, and Radio Frequency... read more.

Moisture Content and Water Activity - What Are They?

Many accessing our web site ask questions such as: "How does water content affect water activity?" "How is water activity different from water content?" "Can I convert from moisture to water activity?"

Given that both of these measurements deal with water connected to a material, we must first understand of water content in a product... read more.


Karl Fischer Method

Coulometric or Volumetric Karl Fischer - Which Should I Choose?

When you really need to know the water content of your raw material, in-process status, final QC or shipment test comparisons our old friend Karl Fischer is often your best alternative. The technique has the benefit of detecting only water (and not other volatiles). Because it works with dissolved samples the Karl Fischer Method often gets to and measures bound water... read more.

Read more Karl Fischer articles here.

Karl Fischer: The Basics

Loss-on Drying Method


Loss on drying - Basics

Unveiling the Essentials of Moisture Loss on Drying

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