Check These Shakers When You Need an Everyday Tester That's Easy on the Ears 

One of These Two Sieve Shakers Will Fit Your General Purpose Sieving Requirements  

If you don't want to have to shout over the noise during testing, the Octagon 200 and Meinzer II are both great options for quieter sieve testing. The Meinzer II is the most economical shaker we offer, and the Octagon 200 is versatile enough to deal with complex or difficult materials. 

The two (2) Sieve Shakers that cover the full range of General Purpose Applications are:

  • Octagon 200 - suitable for wet and dry sieving, offering consistent and repeatable results.
  • Meinzer II - an economical shaker with a strong combination of verticle and horizontal motion.

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The Octagon 200

A Versatile, Quiet, General Purpose Sieve Shaker. 

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The Meinzer II

An Effective, Quiet, Economical and Easy-to-Use Sieve Shaker

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