What Problems Does the DuraTap™ Solve?

The DuraTap™ Shaker solves problems of: 
  • Matching long established shaker standards.
  • Achieving low maintenance.
  • Producing rotational and tapping motion on multiple sieves.
  • Repeatable results over a wide range of sieve sizes.

A Standard of the Sieving World For Centuries, The DuraTap™ Also Takes a Lot of Abuse

More than 70 years ago, the first powered shaker was developed to duplicate rotation and tapping, then the standard motion of manual sieving. Over the intervening years, the original sieve shaker design has been the basis for many ASTM, ISO and other industry standards.

The DuraTap™ is an updated shaker that duplicates these sieving motions. It was ruggedized to overcome the maintenance and repair problems of the original rotating/tapping shakers known generically as RoTap©. Steel and alloy parts replace plastic and grease fittings to facilitate lubrication.

Rugged Construction: steel and alloy material, pre-delivery checkout: DuraTap™ is "burned in" for over 4 hours. Easy Lubrication: Grease Fittings at wear locations.


Detailed Specifications

Particle Size Range : 20 microns to 4 inches
Sieve Sizes: 8”/200mm or 12”/300mm diameter 
Sieve Capacity: Seven (7) full height or fourteen (14) half height 8” (200mm) sieves / Four (4) full height or eight (8) half height 12” (300 mm) sieves.
Oscillation displacement: 1-1/8 inch (28mm) by 3/4 inch (19mm)
Batch Capacity: Approx.10 lb (5 kg)
Timer: 24 hours 
Wet Sieving:  No
Speed: Approx. 275 oscillations/min and 152 taps/min
Drive/Sieving Motion: Electric Motor – Oscillation and Tapping
Weight: 200 lb (91 kg)


When Do You Select a DuraTap™ ?

Get the DuraTap™ when you need to match older test standards or want to replace high maintenance RoTap© machines.

DuraTap Sieve Shaker
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