Perforated Plate

There is a category of test sieves know as Perforated Plate. These Perforated Plate Sieves are constructed through a process of stamping holes in a sheet of thin metal. The size and shape of the holes are controlled by a die. These dies can be produced with a variety of shapes to deal with special grading needs for materials such as coffee and grain. They are normally used for openings greater than one millimeter in size.

We offer a standard range of round hole Perforated Plate Sieves with openings from 1.16 millimeters to 5.0 millimeters. Other sizes and shapes are available on special order.

Round Hole Perforated Plate

Here's an example of Perforated Plate Round Holes for sieves:

Perforated Plate Round Holes

Hexagon Shaped Hole Perforated Plate

Here's an example of Hexagon shaped holes in Perforated Plate Media:

Perforated Plate with Hexagon Holes

Special Order Hole Shapes

There are a large number of options for hole shapes with Perforated Plate Sieves. Many are special order and may require onetime tooling costs.

Perforated Plate Shapes Examples

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Additionally, we offer standards sizes of special coffee, grain and nut sieves

Coffee SievesCoffee Sieves

We supply special sieves for grading coffee. These coffee sieves incorporate round holes and are available in a range of opening sizes, from 8/64 to 20/6.4.


Grain SievesGrain Sieves

In this category, we have special slotted grain sieves. These sieves range from slots that are 1.0 millimeter wide to 3.55 millimeters wide. Each of these slots is 20 millimeters long. 

We can provide for your unique needs with specially produced perforated plates mounted in standard inch and metric sieve frames. 

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Perforated Plate Requirements

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