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Is Test Sieve Certification All You Need?

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Art Gatenby on Oct 29, 2015 1:45:10 PM

For several years, people in the test sieving business have been grousing about the difficulty of making sure that a test sieve certification is what they need. Anyone who is working with close tolerances in the smaller particle sizes, like 300 microns and smaller, have serious issues in matching results from test sieve to test sieve.

The reason is clear when you study the ASTM or ISO mesh specs. As the test sieve apertures get smaller, acceptable size variation increasesA method is needed to accurately project the performance of this micron-sized test sieve mesh. 

Calibration is a technique that produces a comparison or projection of test sieve performance. Calibration provides the way to compare the performance of one test sieve to another test sieve of the same nominal size.

To help your understanding of the issues enveloping Sieve Certification and Sieve Calibration we made a short film on the basics of Sieve Certification and Calibration.




Please use this or share it to help extend an understanding of these two practices: Sieve Certification (insurance) and Sieve Calibration (performance measure).

Maybe it’s just because Certification and Calibration both begin with “C” that I get baffled by the subject.

We hope that this is helpful to you.


Watch Our Tutorial on Sieve Calibration

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