Octagon 200/200CL

What Problems Does the Octagon 200 Solve?

The Octagon 200 is a versatile, quiet, bench-top shaker that can deal with complex or difficult materials as well as efficiently produce results for easy-to-sieve samples.

This shaker operates at a sound level that permits conversation during a test. It deals with difficult materials though a series of design elements:

  • Intermittent/interval settings help break up sample clumps or agglomerations.
  • Amplitude control helps set a shaking motion that keeps the sample in contact with the sieve surface.
  • The electromagnetic drive system produces a 3D motion and gives the shaker a nearly maintenance-free operation.

Digital settings for time, amplitude and interval overcome set-up problems that can cause inconsistencies between tests.

Suitability for wet sieving gives you the ability to overcome friction, electrostatic and agglomeration problems in test samples.

The advanced 200CL model adds smaller amplitude adjustment steps (.1mm) and improved control of amplitude as well two modes of interval setting. These additional capabilities enhance the fine tuning of the entire sieve testing process.

The Octagon 200 series sieve shakers have the motion controls that help with the generation of a consistent and repeatable sieving program. And they are quiet.


Detailed Specifications

Particle Size Range: 20 micron to 125 mm
Sieve Sizes: 3"/8”/100mm/200mm diameter
Sieve Capacity: eight (8) full height; sixteen (16) half height 8” (200mm) sieves
Batch Capacity: Approx. 6.5 lb (3kg)
Amplitude: Digitally Adjustable; 0 – 3.0 mm; 10 steps
Timer: Digital 0 to 99 Minutes
Wet Sieving: Yes
Speed: 3,000 min-1
Drive/Sieving Motion: Electromagnetic 3D; vertical and horizontal twist motion
Intermittent/interval: one mode
Weight: 95 lb (43kg)
Note - Extra for 200CL: 
Same Specifications as Octagon 200 with the additional features of:
Closed Loop Amplitude Control: 0 to 3 mm in 0.1mm steps
Intermittent/Interval: two (2) modes
  Analysis: Designed to work with SieveWare via RS232 Port      


When Do You Select The Octagon 200 Sieve Shaker?

Probably the first step in considering an Octagon Sieve Shaker is related to finding a quiet shaker. This shaker fills that bill; no need to shout during the course of a sieve test. When you need to get the shaker motion just right so that the test material spends a maximum time on the sieves (does not fly around), or have the sample resist agglomeration and the results duplicate a different shaker or specification, the Octagon 200 series shakers should top the list for consideration.

In summary, choose the Octagon series of shakers when you need consistent, repeatable sieve test results for difficult and run of the mill samples. It is quiet.

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