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The Importance of Food Texture Analysis: Enhancing Sensory Experience

Posted by Cho Jang on Apr 25, 2024 4:36:13 PM

While savoring a delicious meal, the age-old saying "It's all about the taste, not the appearance" often resonates. The visual aspect simply enhances the overall flavor experience. When a dish both looks and tastes exceptional, diners are quick to give it high praise.

Food purchasers and food manufacturers understand that taste isn't the only factor at play. If a food product lacks the right feel or appeal, the initial bite may also be the final one. They require an objective measure of these sensory aspects that is both consistent and reproducible. These sensory aspects fall into a category called texture.

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What is the Difference Between Dynamic and Kinematic Viscosity?

Posted by Hank Levi on Jan 26, 2024 1:55:33 PM

At first glance, viscosity seems like a fairly simple concept. It helps describe how thick a product is, or how well it flows. That's all, right?

In reality, there are several different terms that come under the heading of viscosity. These terms are derived from how the viscosity is measured. When people talk about viscosity, they are talking about one of two things: kinematic viscosity or dynamic viscosity.

It's not easy to find a lot of information on the differences between dynamic and kinematic viscosity. This is my attempt to bring clarity to these two principal concepts.

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Texture Analysis: Key to a Perfect Bite

Posted by Cho Jang on Jun 21, 2023 1:12:51 PM

 Texture Analysis is a door into rooms where we evaluate things by the way they feel.

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Sensational Food Texture - What is It? - How to Analyze it?

Posted by Amanda Ranowsky on Feb 13, 2018 6:30:00 AM

“It doesn’t matter how it looks as long as it tastes good.”

This statement has long been my philosophy when it comes to cooking. The dishes I create usually taste okay – even really yummy, occasionally – but I stink at presentation. Family and friends are usually quite forgiving when it comes to their sensory (sight, touch, smell) experiences with a food. They tend to ignore looks and feel, and focus on taste.

Food buyers aren’t so forgiving. If their sensory experiences don’t meet expectations, that crucial first taste will never happen. Flavor isn’t everything, either. If the food doesn’t feel right, or pleasant, the first bite will also be the last.

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