Automatic Surface Tension Analysis

Surface Tension - What is It?

Surface tension of a liquid is the force that holds the molecules on the surface together and keeps the liquid from flying away. Surface tension measuring instruments measure this force. Two of the more widely used methods are known as duNouy ring and Wilhelmy plate.

Why and Where is Surface Tension Important?

Surface tension measurements are important in a number of industries. For example, they are vital to the development and production of coatings such as ink and paint, liquid cosmetics, pesticides, lubricants and pharmaceuticals.

duNouy Ring & Wilhelmy Plate Methods Available

The DST 60 Automatic Tensiometer runs liquid surface tension measurement tests with either duNouy rings or Wilhelmy plates. The test results are displayed on the instrument and can also be sent to a printer or computer. After loading the sample, the test process is automatic. (Interfacial Tension tests may be conducted manually.)

Automatic Test Process

This Automatic Tensiometer eliminates inconsistencies resulting from different people doing the surface tension analysis. The operation is as simple as loading the test sample just above the ring or plate and pressing the start button. During the process of the test, the force is continually shown on the digital display. 

Temperature Control Option

Surface tension readings are sensitive to temperature. When it is important to control this part of the test environment, an optional dual test chamber is available for use with a water bath. This provides close control of the test material temperature.

Computer Analysis of Test Results

The USB port installed on the DST 60 provides an input to a computer for data analysis. Real-time results from the test can be recorded and displayed on charts or table.


Measurement Specs

The DTS 60 Tensiometer has a range of 1 to 1,000 dynes/cm (nM/m).

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