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Viscometers from Lamy Rheology Instruments are unlike any other. Each model measures a wide range of viscosity, and can be configured to almost any specification with the right spindles, temperature control and software. These viscometers allow you to meet the specifications of your product, rather than struggling to make your product meet the specifications of the instrument.

This test equipment is used to measure viscosity, one of the main determinants of flow characteristics in liquids.

What makes these viscometers unique?

  • Special spring-less technology makes the instrument more durable and allows for all viscosity measurement ranges to be tested with one instrument(Low, Regular and High Viscosity ranges are combined.)
  • Provides instant viscosity readings because the instruments don't need extra time to stabilize. 
  • Easier, stronger spindle attachment with bayonet fittings. 
  • All viscometers, rheometers and texture analyzers now come with a 7” color touchscreen.

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RM100 Touch Viscometer

RM 100 Touch

Smart QA Testing for Almost Any Product

The RM 100 Touch does not use springs or torsion rods that require frequent recalibration. It incorporates an integrated calculator for processing viscosity test results. Serial and USB ports support computer connections. 

You can program your measurement methods directly using the touch screen, and back up your data so you can analyze or export them. It has a viscosity range of 1 - 540,000,000 mPa·s.

The RM 100 Touch:

  • Works with ASTM/ISO 2555, DIN/ISO 3219 and MS-R with UD display .
  • Able to connect to temperature control systems.
  • Program testing parameters for future use. 

The digital display presents temperature, speed (or shear rate), torque, viscosity, spindle, level of sensitivity, and time for the tests. It can be connected to a printer or computer for recording and analysis of test results.

First Touch Viscometer

First Touch

Simple QC Testing for Many Industries

For your ultra-sensitive measurements, the First Touch features a torque range of 0.005 to 0.8 mNm. The spring-less design makes the First RM a robust instrument for measuring dynamic viscosities. 

This viscometer enables a fixed time for thixotropic samples. This model has a more limited measuring range than the RM 100, but the quality of measurement is just as high. The instrument can be controlled externally with the optional VISCO RM software.

The First Touch has:

  • A digital readout of the viscosity test conditions and results.
  • The capability to send results to a printer or computer.
  • A PT 100 temperature sensor (which indicates temperatures between -50 °C to +300 °C) to monitor the temperature of the sample.

The First Touch serves a special area of dynamic viscosity within the range of 3 to 180,000,000 mPa·s.

B-One Touch Viscometer

B-One Touch

Exceptional Results without Breaking Your Budget

The B-One Touch has a 7” touch screen and comes with a stylus. This easy-to-use screen lets you see all measurement parameters at the same time.

Like the RM 100, RM 200 and the First RM, The Black One uses spring-less technology to convert spindle torque to a viscosity reading. It does not include a temperature probe, but has an unlimited number of speeds between 0.3 and 250 rpm and a viscosity measurement range of 15 to 180,000,000 mPa·s (depending on which spindles are used). 

Some of the useful features are:

  • Wide speed and torque range - one instrument for most levels of viscosity.
  • Set measuring times for thixotropic products.
  • A set of spindles are included. 
A spindle set for L1-L4 or R 2-7 is included with the B-One Touch Viscosity Measurement System.
RM 200 Touch Viscometer

RM 200 Touch

Full-Scale Rheology Testing with a Viscometer

This is a shear-rate imposed rheometer. The RM 200 Touch can generate and fit flow curves without using a computer. However, it also has ports to connect to a computer and can use software to transfer data and to control the viscosity measurement parameters.

Special features include:

  • Free choice of speed from 0.3-1500 rpm. 
  • Able to connect to temperature control systems.
  • Can have computer control of the entire test process.

The RM 200 Touch is a special rotating rheometer useful for research and development, as well as in a quality control production environment.

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