What's So Special About Picking a Sieve Shaker?

If you take Sieve Shakers for granted, you may be surprised to know that the selection of the right shaker can have a profound effect on your sieving results.

To begin with the basics... read more.

What is the Function of a Sieve Shaker?

Visitors to our web pages often arrive with the question, “What is the Function of a Sieve Shaker?

The simple answer is “to expose the particles in a sample to all the openings in each sieve in a stack”. A sieve stack is the result of fitting each sieve to be used in a given particle size analysis into the one above. The sieve with the largest mesh holes is at the top with each subsequent sieve of a tighter mesh size than the one above it... read more

How Do You Analyze Small, Micron-Sized Particles?

Sieve testing, as I have stated many times, is the Cinderella of particle size analysis because it delivers more value than expected from something that’s so easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

However, the problem with standard sieving techniques using wire mesh sieves is that they begin to exhibit accuracy problems in the lower micron sizes... read more.

The Curse of Particle Size Calculations

Break the Curse of Particle Size Calculations.

Every now and then I’ve had to calculate the results of a sieve test: I’d get the sieves and sample loaded on the shaker,  run the shaker, then realize I’d have to start over because I forgot to get the empty weight of each sieve. Or I’d have to carefully brush out the sample onto a balance... read more.

Accurate QC with Sieve Testing - Hiram’s Story

Hiram is a Quality Control Supervisor of a plant manufacturing specialty pellets. This is about his struggle with particle-size sieve testing and results analysis... read more.

Jim, the Secret Agent, and the Machine That Changed Everything

Jim’s life was dull. So, so dull. He spent his days surrounded by piles of sieves – his glamorous job was to calculate the ratio of particles left in the sieves of each stack after a sample of his company’s product was run through the stack using a sieve shaker. It was a job much like the one his cousin Hiram had, although he seemed to remember hearing that Hiram had found an easier way to do it... read more.

When is a Sieve Not a Sieve?

In our business, we use the word “sieve” to describe a piece of equipment that separates desired elements from unwanted material using a woven wire screen or mesh net. To others, “sieve” can mean something very different... read more.

Re-Certify Mid-Point Sieves? When and How?

I recently had a long conversation with the person [we'll call him Bill] responsible for setting up the quality procedures for very tight specifications in a new process -- part of which was developing procedures for checking the ongoing tolerances of production sieves.

Bill planned to utilize a master stack of mid-point sieves for this purpose. He wanted to know how he could calibrate the stack... read more.

CSC Scientific Introduces Glass Sieve Calibration Microspheres

CSC Scientific announces the introduction and support of a new system
for the specification, evaluation, and performance tracking of test sieves. The Company expects the system of calibrated glass microspheres and inspection procedures to revolutionize the analysis of test sieve performance... read more.

Advances In Sieves: Sieves Able to Strip Molecules From Fluids

Sieves make understanding the world around us not just possible, but also easier. And with the advancement of sieves, not only are we able to separate dry particle, but also sift molecules from fluid as well. With molecular sieves developed by MIT, we can now strip a molecule’s individual parts gives us a better understanding of how things come together and work, such as diseases or even DNA... read more.

New ASTM E11-09 Sieve Standards — Exciting or Just Dull ???

I have often ranted about the limited range of ASTM 11 sieve mesh standards as it relates to individual sieve certification. We at CSC have tried to help clearly distinguish between different levels of inspection and/or degrees of conformity. We outlined three levels of sieve certification. These are working sievesmesh certified sieves and mid point sieves. There are summary definitions of these categories on the CSC Web site... read more.

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Static Electricity and Sieves: No Problem -- Maybe

I'll bet that most of you have experienced the shock of walking on a thick wool rug on a dry winter's day and getting zapped out of your reverie when reaching for the metal door knob.

The same process of static electricity generation can play havoc with your sieving process... read more.

Tightening Process and Quality Control Leads to Increased Product Quality

This statement is exemplified best using a story from Baker Refractories located in Notts, England. Baker Refractories is continuously searching for ways to improve quality control while reducing operating costs, like most companies today... read more.

Who Cares About Sieve Testing?

Sieving in its most elemental definition is the separation of fine material from coarse material by means of a meshed or perforated surface. The technique was in use as far back as the early Egyptian days as a way to size grains. These early sieves were made of woven reeds and grasses. Even today the sieving is the most used technique for analyzing particle-size... read more.

Is Particle-Size Analysis Boring? Trivial? Amazing? Exciting? Vital?

When I tell people at cocktail parties that we specialize in Particle-Size Analysis. I usually get a polite response of ------ “OH !!,”   which translates to “So who cares?”

I have finally decided to answer that question.

Well, it seems that most companies that perform milling or grinding have a vital interest in the size and distribution of the resulting particles. These include companies in the fields ofPharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Mining, Building Materials, Food Processing to name a few.

Soooo.... there really is a significant need for particle-size analysis... read more.

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