What Problems Does the Air Sizer 200 Solve?

When particle sizes get in the lower brackets for sieving techniques, several significant problems arise.

  • Agglomeration, which results from the tendency of small particles to stick together forming clumps.
  • Static Cling, or the cumulative effect of static charges on many small particles. This also results in the particles forming clumps.
  • Blinding of sieve openings caused by particles on the margin getting stuck in the openings.

The Air Sizer 200 overcomes these problems and delivers repeatableair_sizer_diagram-993445-edited results for separations as small as 20μm. The Air Sizer 200 does this by producing a vertical air jet applied to the bottom of the sieve using a rotating arm. This lifts the particles off the sieve surface to free oversized particles caught in the mesh and break up clumps. At the same time, a vacuum pulls the free particles down through the sieve.  


Detailed Specifications

Range: 20µm - 2mm
Drive/Sieving Motion: Dispersion by air jet
Max. Number of Fractions: One (1)
Sieve Sizes: 1 (203 mm / 8") sieve
Speed: 5 - 55 rpm (nozzle speed)
Time Display: Digital (10 sec -100 min)
Vacuum: 20-99 mbar (Pre-Filter Industrial Vacuum)
Wet/Dry Sieving : Dry Only
Net Weight: 27 lb (14 kg)

When Do You Select The Air Sizer 200?

This vacuum siever has a special place in the field of sieve testing.

If you are working with particles that have the following attributes, a vacuum siever should be high on the list of test equipment:

  • In the lower ranges of sieve test capabilities - particles down to 20 μm.
  • Particles are small and tend to clump or agglomerate.
  • In sieving the material you have problems with blinding.

The Air Sizer 200 has operational characteristics designed to solve these problems. In addition this siever has precise controls of the rotating air jet, the vacuum levels and the test times. These facets of the instrument’s design let you set optimized testing parameters that can be repeated test to test for the same material.

In conclusion, if the foregoing conditions are part of your testing protocol, the Air Sizer 200 is an instrument of choice.

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