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Do You Know If Your Test Sieves Are Doing the Job?

Posted by Art Gatenby on Jul 12, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Do You Re-Certify? Compare with a Master Stack? Check with Calibration Samples?

What Does Recertification Give?

The ASTM E-11 committee has done a great job of establishing three levels of testing. These levels show the probability of a sieve’s mesh to be within the permissible variations. These variations relate to the size of openings in wire-cloth used for test sieves.

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When is a Sieve Not a Sieve?

Posted by Amanda Ranowsky on Jul 17, 2014 5:00:00 AM

In our business, we use the word “sieve” to describe a piece of equipment that separates desired elements from unwanted material using a woven wire screen or mesh net. To others, “sieve” can mean something very different.

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Topics: Particle Size Analysis, Sieves, Sieve Calibration, Sieving Process, Sieve Certification, ASTM

Is Sieve Calibration Really the Holy Grail? Part II

Posted by Art Gatenby on Feb 7, 2012 4:44:00 PM

 Is Sieve Calibration Really the Holy Grail? Part II: Inside a Sieve Test 

As I start on this second installment of The Adventures of Pequeño: The 150 Micron Particle, I wonder why I get myself into these serial onslaughts. However, a promise is a promise, so I shall press on.

You will recall from Part I: Sieve Certification, our little friend Pequeño, a particle on a determined quest to make it through sieves -- particularly those through which he should be too large to pass. In this scenario, Pequeño along with some of his family and friends -- all small particles about 150 microns in size -- are on their way to a sieve test.

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Topics: ASTM, Pequeño, Calibration, Sieve Calibration, Sieve Certification, Sieves, Particle Size Analysis, Sieve Shakers, Sieve Testing

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