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Hank Levi

Hank has been working in the instrumentation industry for over 20 years. He one of the more experienced people in the field with a background in Moisture Liquid Properties and Titration measurement.
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Coulometric/ Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration -- Which Should I Use?

Posted by Hank Levi on Feb 24, 2024 2:17:08 PM

As usual when we pose a question, like:

Should you use Coulometric or Volumetric Karl Fischer to measure moisture in your product?

We often get a the reaction, “So Who Cares?” We'll try to answer both questions.

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Topics: Coulometric Karl Fischer, Volumetric Karl Fischer, Moisture Analysis, Moisture Testing, Karl Fischer, Karl Fischer Titration

What is The Function of a Sieve Shaker?

Posted by Hank Levi on Feb 7, 2024 9:24:36 PM

Visitors to our web pages often arrive with the question, “What is the Function of a Sieve Shaker?

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Topics: Sieve Shakers, "Ask Art", Sonic Sifter, Agglomeration, Particle Size Analysis, Sieve Testing, Sieves, Sieving Process, Sieve Analysis, Quiet sieve shakers, sieve shaker

Mixing It Up Inside A Karl Fischer

Posted by Hank Levi on Jan 31, 2024 3:56:30 PM

 When people are looking for a way to measure small amounts of moisture, we often recommend the Karl Fischer method.

What is Karl Fischer?

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Topics: Coulometric Karl Fischer, Karl Fischer, Karl Fischer Titration

What is the Difference Between Dynamic and Kinematic Viscosity?

Posted by Hank Levi on Jan 26, 2024 1:55:33 PM

At first glance, viscosity seems like a fairly simple concept. It helps describe how thick a product is, or how well it flows. That's all, right?

In reality, there are several different terms that come under the heading of viscosity. These terms are derived from how the viscosity is measured. When people talk about viscosity, they are talking about one of two things: kinematic viscosity or dynamic viscosity.

It's not easy to find a lot of information on the differences between dynamic and kinematic viscosity. This is my attempt to bring clarity to these two principal concepts.

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Topics: Newtonian Fluid, Viscometers, Viscosity, Consistency, Kinematic Viscosity, Dynamic Viscosity, rotational viscometer, Liquid Properties, density, Texture Analysis, gel time

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