Sonic Sifter - Separates Particles to 3 Microns

What Problems Does the Sonic Sifter Solve?

The Sonic Sifter performs particle separation as small as 3μm (microns). It does this by applying a vertical air column, oscillating at 60 times per second. This air column “tries” or lifts the particles off the sieve surface. A vertical mechanical pulse is added. This pulse shears agglomerates and reorients the particles in the air column. This particle sifter deals with the following problems: 

  • Sieve wear (a particular problem in fine mesh sieves) is eliminated as no horizontal movement or scrubbing of the particles occurs.
  • Particles as small as 3μm can be separated (the theoretical limit of standard shakers is 20μm).
  • Curtails the extreme problems of agglomeration and static charge associated with small particle screening.

The ability to adjust power levels facilitates test settings that match different densities and other special characteristics of the test sample.

A light inside the unit and clear acrylic sieves lets you see the action of the particles to optimize the power adjustments.

In addition, the Sonic Sifter is maintenance-free, requiring only cleaning by wiping down with a damp cloth.  

This particle sifter stands out for its capability for separating particles of 45μm or smaller. 

Detailed Specifications

Particle Size Range: 3μm to 5.6mm
Sieve Sizes: 3” diameter (76.2mm) acrylic-framed sieves 
Sieve Capacity: 6 wire mesh or 3 electroformed nickel sieves.
Batch Capacity: small
Amplitude: adjustable oscillating air column
Timer: digital timer (+/-) 2 seconds/24 hours
Wet Sieving: no
Speed: 60 cycles per second
Drive/Sieving Motion: vertical, oscillating air column with
vertical mechanical pulse
Weight: 43 lb (20kg)
Dimensions: 10" wide x 12" deep x 23" height (25 cm x 31 cm x 61 cm)

When Do You Select The Sonic Sifter?

If you need to separate particles below the 100μm size and find that you have problems with getting particles through the sieves, experience agglomeration and static clings or undergo blinding, the Sonic Sifter may be your answer.

Most sieve-based systems take a significant amount of shaking time when compared to the 10 second Sonic Sifter test time for most materials.

If your solution has been wet sieving for small particle separation, the ease of set up and the test process of the Sonic Sifter may be enough incentive to switch.

In summary, the repeatable performance down to 3μm sizes, the speed of the test process, solutions for agglomeration and static cling problems and the maintenance-free design are arguments to select this instrument for small micron level particle size analysis.

Sonic Sifter for Micron Size Particles
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