An Easy to Use Manual Tensiometer for Surface Tension Measurement

DT_30_right_side_2.jpgAn easy to use Surface Tension Tensiometer for both duNouy Ring Method and Wilhelmy Plate Tests

DuNouy Ring Test 

The traditional duNouy Ring test results represent Apparent Surface Tension a standard for many users for many years.

However, users often have a need for Actual Surface Tension. This requires the calculation of a complex correction factor or extrapolation from a Chart.

The CSC Digital Tensiometer eliminates the need for the DuNouy ring correction. The test results are presented digitally in Actual Surface Tension.

Wilhelmy Plate Test

The CSC Digital Tensiometer is changed from a duNouy Ring Method to a Wilhemy Plate Measurement by simply removing the duNouy Ring and replacing it with the Wilhemy Plate. DT_30_Plate_enhanced.jpg

The setup is simple. Steps on the screen lead the operator through the set-up and test.

The set-up simply asks for the user to enter the plate dimensions.

The plate is set just above the surface. The CSC Tensiometer checks the weight. A prompt signals the operator to raise the table until the measurement reaches a maximum. 

In fact, this maximum is automatically detected and is the basis for the surface tension measurement.

With the Wilhelmy plate, the surface tension reading is the actual surface tension. No correction is needed.

Product Specifications

Weight Resolution 1mg
Weight Capacity 210g
Surface Tension Accuracy 0.1mN/m
Measure Range 1~1000mN/m
Temperature Control (optional) -10~100
Max Capacity 210g
Power Supply 110 to 220 Vac
Size (mm) 200 x 250 x 310
Weight 4kg


  • Pt Ring
  • Pt Plate
  • Heat/Cool Circulator (-10 to 100)
  • Dual Chamber for Temperature Control
  • Clean Glass (100ea/box)
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