Automatic Surface Tension Analysis

The DY Series of Automatic Tensiometers performs classical surface tension measurements using the duNouy Ring method and the Wilhelmy Plate method.

In addition, instruments in the DY Series measure liquid density, dynamic surface tension, dynamic contact angle and powder wettability. Measurements of powder contact angle and true powder density are also available.

The series includes three models:

  1. DY 300 - This model does classical surface tension tests using the duNouy ring method or the Wilhelmy Plate method. There is also a liquid density accessory.
  2. DY 500 - When dynamic contact angle, powder wettability, powder contact angle or true powder density analysis are needed in addition to classical surface tension tests, the DY 500 is called for.
  3. DY 700 - this item in the series brings exceptional response time and increased precision to all the capabilities of the DY 500 model.
Each instrument in the DY Series is fully automatic and is software-driven from a separate computer. The software also contains video-based operation guides.

Dynamic Surface Tension

Dynamic Surface TensionPlotting changes in surface tension over time is one of the capabilities of the DY Series Computer-Controlled Tensiometers.

Important Applications Best Served by An Automatic Tensiometer

Computer-controlled tensiometers are particularly adapted to the following:

  • Wilhelmy Plate Method
  • Dynamic Surface Tension Tracking (Action of a surfactant).
  • Contact Angle Determination.
  • Study of Wetting, Dispersion and Cohesion.

Powder Contact Angle

Powder Contact Angle measurements are made using the Washburn method.

Constant Temperature Tests

Temperature-controlled circulators and heater stages are available.

Standardize Data Collection Form

Automatic Tensiometer Data Collection and Plotting.