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We specialize in three product areas:


Loss On Drying
Karl Fischer
CSC Digital Moisture Balance Karl Fischer Aquapal III Moisture Probe

Particle Size

Sieve Analyzers
Sieve Shakers
CSC Sieve analyzer Sieves Mienzer II Sieve shaker

Surface Tension

CSC Tensiometer Bostwick Consistometer  First_RM

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CSC Scientific has been manufacturing and distributing laboratory equipment for over 100 years! We specialize in three critical testing areas: moisture analysis, surface tension analysis, and particle size analysis.

We strive to understand the measurement environment and solutions needed in a variety of applications and industries. Our experience includes industries such as Coffee, Snack Food, Mining, Chemical Processing, Pharmaceutical, and Production of Building Materials. Our application know-how ranges from measuring trace amounts of water in transformer oil to determining the consistency of ketchup. Our product specialists take pride in meeting your needs not only before the acquisition but for the lifetime of your product. We hope to serve you with our personalized technical support.

What's New

CSC Scientific now has a blog. The blog deals with measurement and distribution issues. Its focus is on the areas of Moisture, Particle Size, Surface Tension Measurement, and related industries. We'd like to hear from you about subjects or problems you'd like to have addressed.


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