CSC Precision and Interfacial
DuNouy Tensiometers

CSC offers two duNouy Tensiometers.

To measure the surface tension between a liquid and the air, theCSC Precision Tensiometer duNouy ring is placed below the surface of the liquid. This test is performed by pulling the ring upward through the surface of the liquid.

The force needed for the ring to break the surface (overcome the surface tension) is determined. This measurement is in dynes/centimeter. The Tensiometer that is made for this purpose is the CSC Precision Tensiometer.

There are applications where the surface tension at the boundary of two liquids needs to be measured. This is called interfacial surface tension.

The Tensiometer for this test needs to pull the ring up through the boundary between the lower, higher density liquid, and the liquid thatCSC Interfacial Tensiometer is floating above. The force needed to break through the surface of the higher density liquid is recorded as interfacial surface tension.

The force needed to break the boundary going from the floating liquid to the greater density liquid is measured by pushing the ring down through the boundary. This force is also measured in dynes/centimeter and is also interfacial surface tension.

The instrument used to do these tests is the CSC Interfacial Tensiometer.

Both of these tensiometers operate with a precision of ± 0.05 dynes/cm.

Specifications of both tensiometers are detailed in our on-line store CSC On-Line Storeat CSC Precision Tensiometer and CSC Interfacial Tensiometer.

Replacement duNouy Rings

Do you need rings?

For the Precision Tensiometer the part number is duNouy Tensiometer Rings70537000.

The Interfacial number is 70542000.

You can order on-line at the CSC Storeor by completing the form, or calling us 703-876-4030.

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