Beat-up Consistometers

We have been told that some operators abuse the Bostwick Bent_up_consistometer_Consistometer. These photos show the condition some of the units we get in for repair. These are just a sample of  bent leveling screw fixtures and other signs of rough handling. We have Beat_Up_Consistometer_3developed a solution that should overcome these problems resulting from this mishandling.

Ruggedized Add-on For CSC Bostwick

We have developed a factory installed accessory (Abuse Protection Option) for the CSC Bostwick Consistometer.  The accessory strengthens the leveling screw platform  This overcomes much of the damage resulting from rough handling by operators.

The Abuse Protection add-on consists of a stainless steel DSC_0086-2strengthening bar and new reinforced knurled leveling screws. The photo on the left provides a view of the parts and the assembled ruggedized option.

The Abuse Protection Option is only available as a factory installed add-on.  It can be added to a new unit or when a repair has been performed by our service department. 

An operating consistometer can be modified by sending it in to our facility in Merrifield, Virginia. A customer Care-Rep will be happy to provide you with a return authorization form to expedite the installation of the Abuse Protection Option.