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CSC is committed to supply a wide range of sieves and sieve testing equipment as well as sieve analysis instrumentation. As part of this, we offer CSC Test Sieves for a wide range of mesh sizes in 8-inch and 12-inch diameter frames.

Our factory uses a measurement system for their woven wire cloth (mesh) that is traceable to NIST standards, and labels each sieve for traceability. Die-formed frames assure a proper fit, superior quality and performance, guaranteeing that ASTM specifications are always met. 

The openings in the woven wire mesh are checked through advanced optical technology to assure conformity to ASTM E 11 specifications. The frame dimensions are checked with precision gauges to assure conformity to these specifications.

All our test sieves are serial-numbered to meet the highest grade quality assurance systems for traceability of measurement devices. The serial number is etched on each sieve, and contained in a bar-coded label, tracing vital information such as when the sieve was manufactured and which lot of wire mesh was used to manufacture each sieve.

Each sieve comes with a Certificate of Compliance applicable to ASTM E 11 specifications and bearing the serial number of your sieve. 

Available in the following options:

  • 8-inch and 12-inch diameters
  • Brass and stainless steel frames
  • Full- and half-height frames
  • Coarse and fine mesh sizes

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