What Problems Does the EFL Solve?

Used World Wide for Tough Sieving Jobs

Select an EFL Sieve Shaker When the Work Needs Up to 10 kg Samples and You Need to Solve the Following Problems:

·      Around the clock operation.

·      Low maintenance when processing large sample sizes.

·      Requiring 12” (300 mm) sieves.

·      Sample needs wet sieving for usable results.

This experience-proven shaker is known as the EFL 2000. The shaker is built to absorb the rigors of shaking 12" sieves with up to 10kg of sample and 6 full height sieves.

The EFL 2000 functions with a time proven combination of electric motor and cam.

This action does two things. First, it ensures that the sample spends maximum time seeking openings rather than being suspended in midair. 

Second, it keeps the sieve openings (apertures) clear and free from binding.

Detailed Specifications

Particle Size Range: 20 micron to 125 mm
Sieve Sizes: 3”/8”/12” Diameter – 100/150/100/250/300/315 mm diameter
Sieve Capacity: six (6) full height – twelve (12) half height 12” (300mm) sieves
Batch Capacity: Approx. 13 lbs (6 kg)
Amplitude: Fixed 1.2 mm
Timer: Analog 0 – 60 Minutes
Wet Sieving: Yes
Speed: 1425 cycles/min
Drive/Sieving Motion: electric motor & cam
Weight: 183 lb (83 kg)

When Do You Select The EFL Sieve Shaker?

Get the EFL when you need an effective motion that gets particles to spend the maximum time seeking openings rather than suspended in the air, and keeps sieve openings clear and free of blinding. Additionally, it's good for when you need this action on large size samples.  Also consider the EFL if you need to do wet sieving.

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