Sieve Shakers for Every Application

We offer sieve shakers to fit a wide range of product applications. Contact us if you need help choosing the right sieve shaker for your company.

Our general purpose sieve shakers can handle most products, but some applications can be a little trickier.

For sieving heavy samples, or if you need larger diameter sieves, try one of our heavy duty sieve shakers.

For small particle sizes that tend to agglomerate or are otherwise difficult to sieve using traditional methods, our small particle size sieve shakers may be the perfect fit.

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General Purpose Sieve Shakers

These two sieve shakers are bench top models. The CSC Meinzer II is comparatively light and works on a wide range of materials. The Octagon 200 has a larger base and includes the added flexibility of adjustable amplitude and intermittent operation. Both sieve shakers are of modern, quiet design


Meinzer II

Because the Meinzer II is the most economical sieve shaker we offer, the next most important things you need to consider are the nature of the products to be tested and the size of the sample. The Meinzer II should head the list for consideration when the product flows freely, requires a minimum fines analysis of more than 38 microns and is not subject to static charge. These product characteristics, combined with sample sizes of less than eight (8) pounds (4 kg), point strongly to the use of this shaker. Further, the Meinzer II ranks for 3” (100 mm) diameter sieves. Remember, it is quiet.

uses 3" - 8" diameter sieves (100 - 200mm)

holds eight (8) full height or sixteen (16) half height sieves

approx. 8 lb (4kg) batch capacity

Full product details and specsHere is a video that will show you how the Meinzer II Sieve Shaker works.


octagon200_new_2014Octagon 200

Probably the first step in considering an Octagon Sieve Shaker is related to finding a quiet shaker. This shaker fills that bill; no need to shout during the course of a sieve test. When you need to get the shaker motion just right so that the test material spends a maximum time on the sieves (does not fly around), or have the sample resist agglomeration and the results duplicate a different shaker or specification, the Octagon 200 series shakers should top the list for consideration.

uses 3” - 8” diameter sieves (100 - 200 mm)

holds eight (8) full height; sixteen (16) half height sieves

approx. 6.5 lb (3kg) batch capacity

Full product details and specs

Here is a demo video of the Octagon 200 with Shaker Sam and Wayne.


Heavy Duty Sieve Shakers

The three sieve shakers in this category have been especially designed for tough sieve testing applications. They include the old standby the DuraTap and the new EFL 300, which replaces the EFL 2000 and D300 sieve shakers. These are joined by the heavy duty, digitally-controlled and quiet Titan 450, which replaces the old D450 sieve shaker.

cropped duratap


Get the DuraTap™ when you need to match older test standards or want to replace high maintenance RoTap© machines.

uses 8” - 12” diameter sieves (200 - 300 mm)

holds six (6) full height or thirteen (13) half height 8” (200mm) sieves, or three (3) full height or seven (7) intermediate 12” (300 mm) sieves

approx.10 lb (5 kg) batch capacityFull product details and specsWatch this video for more information on the DuraTap.

Get the EFL when you need an effective motion that gets particles to spend the maximum time seeking openings rather than suspended in the air, and keeps sieve openings clear and free of blinding. Additionally, it's good for when you need this action on large size samples. Also consider the EFL if you need to do wet sieving.

uses 3" - 12" diameter sieves (100-315 mm)
holds six (6) full height or twelve (12) half height sieves
approx. 13 lb (6 kg) batch capacity
Full product details and specs
This is a demo video of the EFL 300 with Shaker Sam and Wayne.

Titan_450 crop

Titan 450

The Titan 450 Sieve Shaker is the instrument to choose when you have large sample weights and you need the large sieve area of 18” (400 mm) diameter sieves. With this massive capacity you also get effective screening down to the 125 micron size. If you need the 20kg feature, you also have a precise control of amplitude and intervals

uses 12" - 18" diameter sieves (250 - 450 mm)

holds seven (7) full height or ten (10) half height sieves

approx. 44 lb (20 kg) batch capacityFull product details and specsCheck out this demo video of the Titan 450 with Shaker Sam and Wayne.


Small Particle Size Shakers

The instruments in this category are designed to deal with the special problems of separating small particles. By small particles we mean smaller than 100 micron. These work with dry material and, in addition to facilitating the passing of these small particles through screens as small as 2 microns, they also deal with the problems of particles flying above the screen, agglomeration and static clumping. We have three items in this category: the economical vacuum sieve shaker CSC/Reynolds instrument, the Air Jet Sizer 200, and the multi-sieve Sonic Sifter.

reynolds crop 2

CSC/Reynolds Vacuum Siever

This CSC-Reynolds Vacuum Siever is offered as a cost-effective alternative to meet basic needs of sieving or particle separation:

  • In the lower ranges of sieve test capabilities - particles down to 20 μm.
  • For small particles that tend to clump or agglomerate.
  • With material that cause you problems with blinding.

The CSC-Reynolds Vacuum Siever provides an economical way to deal with these problems. It gives a range of adjustment for the vacuum part of the process and the ability to automatically time your tests. 

holds one (1) 8 inch diameter sieve*

*All sieves, except CSC Brand sieves, require damping o-ring for proper operation of instrument.Full product details and specsWatch this video for more information on the CSC-Reynolds Vacuum Siever.


sonic sifter crop

Sonic Sifter

If you need to separate particles below the 100μm size and find that you have problems with getting particles through the sieves, experience agglomeration and static clings or undergo blinding, the Sonic Sifter may be your answer.

Most sieve-based systems take a significant amount of shaking time when compared to the 10 second Sonic Sifter test time for most materials.

If your solution has been wet sieving for small particle separation, the ease of set up and the test process of the Sonic Sifter may be enough incentive to switch.

uses 3” diameter (76.2mm) acrylic-framed sieves

holds six (6) wire mesh or three (3) electroformed nickel sieves

small batch capacity

Full product details and specs

Check out this video to learn more about the Sonic Sifter.


Air Jet Sizer

Air Jet Sizer 200

If you are working with particles that have the following attributes, a vacuum siever should be high on the list of test equipment:

  • In the lower ranges of sieve test capabilities - particles down to 20 μm.
  • Particles are small and tend to clump or agglomerate.
  • In sieving the material you have problems with blinding.

The Air Sizer 200 has operational characteristics designed to solve these problems. In addition this siever has precise controls of the rotating air jet, the vacuum levels and the test times. These facets of the instrument’s design let you set optimized testing parameters that can be repeated test to test for the same material.

uses one (1) 8" (203 mm) diameter sieve

Full product details and specs

Check out this demo video of the Air Jet Sizer 200 with Shaker Sam and Wayne.


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