Water Activity Measurement from 0.0300 to 1.00aw - A water activity meter for Production, R&D and QA 

The LabMaster Neo is an outstanding meter for hassle-free water activity measurement and result documentation, including 21CFR11 compliant audit trail and user management, automatic verification or calibration, contactless salt standard identification by RFID and a quick mode which guarantees a completed measurement within 10 mins.

Additional features like full temperature control in the range of 0-60°Cmeasurement range of 0.0300-1.0000aw and a much easier handling of chemical protection filters due to magnetic fixing completes the LabMaster-aw neo. Still compliant with all standards like AOAC, ISO, USP and others.

Product Specifications:




Water Activity


Measurement Principle

Resistive electrolytic Surface Infra-red

Measurement Range

0.030-1.00 aw 0-60oC / 32-140oF

Calibration Range

0.040-1.000 aw



0.001 aw 0.01oC


+/- 0.003 aw within cal. range

+/- 0.20oC


+/- 0.002 aw within cal. range +/- 0.10oC


+/- 0.001 aw within cal. range n/a

Temperature Control

programmable measurement temperature in the range of 0-60oC / 32-140oF

Calibration Points (%rH)

4%, 6%, 11%, 33%, 53%, 58%, 75%, 84%, 90%, 97%, 100. Salt standards equipped with RFID tag for faultless identification by LabMaster Neo

Power Supply/Mains

100-260 VAC Power consumption - Maximum: 65W; Normal Operation: <10W; Stand-By: <0.1W


7" capacitive touch screen


  • RS-232 and USB 2.0 for PC
  • RS-232 for Epson Printer UM-220D
  • SD card
  • Hybrid painted steel housing/PUR, weight 10kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) = 423 x 260 x 186mm. Height with opened cover: 462mm

Volume measurement chamber


Dimensions sample cup

Diameter 40mm x Height 13mm

Protection Class


21CFR 11

21CFR11 Compliant Audit Trail

21CFR11 Compliant User Management

21CFR11 Compliant

21CFR11 compliant audit trail and user management. 

Still compliant with all standards like AOAC, ISO, USP and others. 

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