Full Service Moisture Test on Location - It's Called the CSC Mobile Moisture Balance

A moisture balance with +/- 0.1% accuracy that you can move around. 

You can carry it from place to place. Put it in the carrying case, throw it in the back of the pickup, and go to a different location.

The CSC Mobile Moisture Balance (CSC MMB) has a weighing capacity of 50g.

A few things you get:

  • % Moisture (%M)
  • % Solids (%S)
  • Weight (grams)

Operational Characteristics include:

  • Temperature Control: 50-180C
  • Weight Range: 0-50g (0.01g)
  • Manual, Timed, and Auto Shut Off
  • Color Touch Screen
  • Carry Case
  • Calibration Weight

Product Specifications




0.01g/0.1% moisture

Repeatability (Std. Dev.)

0.3% (3g sample) - 0.2% (10g sample)

Weighing Units / Functions Displayed

% moisture, % solids, time, temperature

Moisture Range

0.01% to 100%

Timer Range

1 to 99 minutes

Tare Range

To capacity by subtraction

Heating Unit

Halogen lamp

Temperature Range

50oC to 180oC by 1oC increments

Power Source

120 VAC


Large color touchscreen display

Pan Size

3.5in/90mm diameter

Overall Dimensions

6.5 x 11 x 5 inches / 170 x 280 x 130 millimeters

Operating Environment

+41oF to +104oF / +5oC to +40oC


RS 232 interface

Net Weight

8lb / 3.6kg

Shipping Weight

12lb / 5.4kg
Mobile Moisture Balance - Open

If You Need Moisture Tests in More Than One Place

This Mobile Moisture Balance is Your Answer.

Pop it in the carry case and you're ready to go.

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