Radio Frequency (RF) can penetrate further into a sample than other methods making it especially useful for applications such as lumber, gypsum, powdered and granular materials.

It requires constant contact or a known distance as well as a consistent temperature. Within these conditions, it can be a cost-effective solution for moisture measurement.


SMART III RF Moisture Sensor

The SMART III RF Moisture Sensor’s flat plate design provides continuous in-line analysis for thicker, board-type products. A high temperature variation can operate in environments up to 485°F (250°C), allowing it to be used inside a kiln or dryer. The non-destructive and instantaneous measurements create an informed production environment to reduce product waste.


SMART III RF Moisture Probe

The SMART III RF Moisture Probe works well in applications outside of conveyer systems such as tanks, barrels, bins, hoppers, drums or silos. The probe is typically installed near the point of product discharge and can provide an on-line and continuous measurement. Multiple probes can also be installed throughout the container to provide measurements of moisture gradients.

The probe is available in various lengths from 6 inches to 48 inches and two coating options, based on environmental temperatures, to allow a variety of applications.


We have affiliated with Finna Sensors to supply RF Dielectric and NIR equipment for in-line moisture measurement and control. Finna Sensors, formerly known as Moisture Register, is one of the oldest and most reliable manufacturers of radio frequency moisture analysis equipment.

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