In-line moisture measurement, which can also be referred to as on-line, can be utilized if one or more of the following conditions exist at your facility:

  • You have a continuous process that can be controlled by adjusting a variable such as heat, speed, an additive, etc. to control to preset moisture levels.
  • The output of the process is improved by tight control of moisture. That could be taste, color, smooth running process, size and the like.
  • The economic impact of controlling moisture in the process is significant (lost product, high cost rework, customer returns).

For these circumstances, the first step in gaining control of your process moisture is the continuous detection and determination of moisture levels. This is the base of any control system. With a reliable measurement of moisture, the effectiveness of actions taken to control moisture levels, (actions such as temperature changes, conveyor speed, ingredient additions and the like) can be determined and adjusted. Near Infrared (NIR) is one of the technologies effective in meeting these measurement criteria. The graphic shown here is a simplified characterization of a NIR application.

Industries such as food production, building materials, paper manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biomass and many more can benefit from the continuous, non-destructive, non-invasive monitoring.



We’ve partnered with Finna Sensors, a leader in moisture measurement, to offer the latest in near infrared technology. The OMNIR brings the future of NIR technology to manufacturers. The name is derived from OMNI, meaning “all” and NIR, meaning “near infrared.” This unit provides all the benefits of NIR measurement, as well as monitors its own health on multiple internal points to ensure productivity.

Built with its end environment in mind, the rugged design isolates the most sensitive electronics away from the manufacturing line. In addition, the proprietary TrueOptics™ technology reduces signal noise from ambient conditions.


Modern Integration and Serviceability

OMNIR was built to be connected to a Microsoft platform (Win 7 and newer) and SQL database, making it easier to integrate with other systems. The clean and simple application can be run on a tablet or a desktop. The sensors are designed so the technology can be upgraded via the cloud. With an internet connection, the software can be kept up-to-date without sending it in for servicing, supporting greater up-times and instant access to the newest technology without costly upgrades.


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