Measure Curing Time with Ease

The GT-300 Plus Gel Timer offers an easier way to test the curing time of products such as epoxies, polymers, adhesives, paints, and sealants

The process of curing often makes the spindles and sample holders.difficult or impossible to clean. Withe the GT-300, spindles, sample cups, and even the temperature probe are disposable, which means you never have to worry about clean-up problems. 

Temperature control options allow for testing products that need to cure at higher (up to 300oC) or slightly cooler (15oC) temperatures. 

Do you only have small sample amounts to work with? No problem. The GT-300 Plus has a spindle option that allows for testing with samples of just 35-50mL. (Regular spindles still only use 50-80mL!)


Type of instrument Rotating springless viscometer / gel timer with 7’’ Touch screen
Rotation speeds Unlimited number of speeds between 0.3 and 1500 rpm
Torque range From 0.05 to 30 mNm
Temperature The GEL TIMER GT 300 is also available in temperature control version from 15 °C to 300°C (according to models).
Accuracy +/- 1 % of the full scale
Repeatability +/- 0.2 %

Viscosity – Speed – Torque – Time – Temperature

Choice of viscosity units: cP/Poises or mPa.s / Pa.s – Shear rate

Security and confidentiality

An «operator» function allows you to enter a username for your instrument. This user must then be identified using a 4-digit code.

There is also a protected mode that locks your measurement conditions.

Language French/English/Russian/Spanish
Supply voltage 90-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Analog output 4 - 20 mA
PC connections RS232 Port and USB
Printer connection USB Host Port - Compatible PCL/5
Includes Rheotex Software (PN N31100 + PN N311300)
Spindles and Sample Cups Disposable aluminium cups (set of 100) PN 700011; Gel timer measuring hook (Vol. 50-80mL) standard (set of 100) PN 700010; Gel timer measuring hook low volume (Vol. 35-50mL) (set of 100) PN 70004
Options Breakable Thermocouple (PN 000645)
Dimensions and weight

Head: L180 x W135 x H250 mm

Stand for GEL TIMER: D610 x W340 x H650 mm

Weight: 15 kg

See Pricing for GT-300 Plus  Only pricing for GT-300 Plus without Temperature Control is available online.  For price of other options, please fill out the form below.

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