Producers of Industrial Instruments for More Than a Century

We want to take the liberty here to reminisce about the long heritage of CSC Scientific Company.

Started in 1889, then called Central Scientific Company, it has designed, manufactured and distributed instruments for analyzing Moisture, Particles, Surface Tension, Viscosity and many more material attributes. 

Early on, it was a leader in educational apparatuses used for teaching science. It became known by its trade mark CENCO which stood for CENtral COmpany. The CENCO mark is still used on apparatuses that are made to demonstrate physics principles.

Among other highlights of its history was establishing the concept of not only manufacturing propriatary instruments but also supplying products of wide ranging producers. This permitted CENCO to offer families of devices to solve specific measuring problems. It could be said that this parent of CSC Scientific Company was the Grand Daddy of the Laboratory Supply Industry.

In 1979, a name change to CSC Scientific Company, Inc. was instituted. Since then, CSC has focused its total attention on solving measuring problems by providing CSC Scientific and other branded instruments tailored to solutions in three areas:

Particle Size
Liquid Properties


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