EFL 2000/2 Sieve Shaker


I have managed and worked in the field as a Quality Control Technician for over seven years and in that time I have tried every sieve shaker out there. At this time I have put over 500 hours of run time in seven months and... the EFL 2000/2 is by far the most superior machine on the market today. So far we have not had to do any maintenance to the lower part except the addition of a remote grease zerk so we did not have to take the skirt off to grease it.

I hope in time this shaker will keep me as impressed as I am today. At this time we have purchased a second one and will replace all our labs with this shaker as our Gilson shakers die. Normally our GILSON SS 12R shaker had to be rebuilt every 3-5 months.

Mike Osburn
DeAtley Crushing Company

I am very pleased with the Endecott EFL 2000/2 Sieve Shaker. All of our labs here at the Central Office use them. We have had good success with our sieve analysis test. We have had a minimum of problems, and to be honest I think it was due to operator error, more than equipment. I am also pleased with the technical support no matter what the problem may have been. I’m also pleased with the follow up and the speed of parts requested.

Eric Roberts
Oklahoma Dept. of Transport