Digital Moisture Balance


“Of all the features that I like about your moisture balance, the strongest value to us is its repeatability and accuracy from operator to operator. It is the most fool-proof machine that we’ve tried.”

“At this point we have had the CSC for about 6 months. We use it 40 times a day, four days a week and we have had no problems with maintenance of any kind. The easy use and reliability of the CSC takes all the guesswork out of the drying process.”

“We are using these balances on a variety of products ranging from edible to industrial application, from liquid to powder form products, in determining moisture and/or solid content with test results as low as 0.5% and high as 61%. In a few words, I would describe your CSC Digital Moisture Balance as: FAST, ACCURATE, EASY.”

“The new CSC Digital Moisture Balance is unquestionably the greatest advance in rapid accurate moisture determination since the introduction of your classic mechanical Cenco in the early 50's.”

“The oven operators like the CSC Digital Balance because there is no need to interpret a vernier scale reading and it holds the final result. I like it because it has eliminated several sources of operator error and does not require frequent adjustments. Furthermore it seems to be able to withstand some rather rough treatment and, like I said, has not had a single problem since start-up.”

“I appreciate the ease of operation - the machine is used in the in-process lab, 24 hours/day by several operators - I experience minimal training problems, and operators are very positive. The digital readout virtually eliminates operator error.”

Customers Using the Digital Moisture Balance:

Great Lakes Cheese
Elisnore Valley WWTP
National Starch & Chemical
National Gypsum
American Colloid
Frito Lay
General Mills
Land O’ Lakes
Kahului WWTP
Tyson’s Foods
Dow Chemicals
Dunkin’ Donuts