Certified Test Sieves


You are one of our best suppliers! Our orders are delivered quickly. The prices are competitive and we love the Endecotts. They are so good, you guys could be out of a job - they sell themselves! We like the Endecotts because they are durable and they are smooth when you handle them all day.

Great Products - Great Service. We’re happy!

Eddie Duncan
Q.C. Mgr
K-T Feldspar Corp

We use Endecotts Certified Test Sieves in our Quality Control lab to determine the particle size distribution of various materials processed. Numerous tests are performed each day with these sieves and I am very satisfied with the quality and workmanship of these sieves. It has been my experience that sieves from other manufacturers do not last as long as the Endecotts do. We used to get stainless steel backing on the finer mesh screens through another manufacturer because the screens needed this support so they would not rip when a brush passed over them. I have found the need to get a backing on the finer mesh Endecotts. Another quality that I value is the crafting of the sieve. The other sieves we used before Endecotts would break at the outside seal of the frame (where the screen is pressed into the frame and the overlap is folded downwards), often causing jagged edges and loosening the tension on the screen, rendering them useless. I have yet to have this happen with and Endecotts sieves.

I am completely satisfied with the service I get from CSC Scientific. Thank you for being a dependable supplier.

Cheryl Patino
Allgrind Plastics, Inc

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