New Calibration Samples for Accurate In-House Sieve Calibration

in a range of sizes


CSC Scientific introduces Whitehouse Scientific Calibration Samples. These calibration samples enable test sieves to be accurately calibrated in a matter of minutes. Accurate calibration was once an expensive and time consuming process with sieves usually being sent to certified laboratory for examination, now the calibration can be done ‘in-house’ traceable to the NPL. The tests are so accurate because the calibration sample passes over the whole surface of the sieve enabling more apertures to be checked than with any other method.

The calibration sample comprises soda-lime glass microspheres, which being spherical, give rapid and accurate results. To perform a calibration test, a given quantity of sample is accurately weighed, it is then passed over the surface of a sieve, and weighed again. By ascertaining the percentage retained, the exact aperture of the sieve can be determined using a calibration graph supplied with each sample.

Calibration samples are available in a range of sizes for sieves, from 20 micron to 3.35mm, and are supplied with full details of the calibration procedure. The microspheres pass over virtually the total surface of the sieve mesh making the test extremely accurate. These microspheres are calibrated to national and international standards.


Watch the Video Tutorial

sieve calibration video